Our Club Members

In Loving Memory: 

Gene Gelhard – K9 Yasso, German Shepherd Dog (now residing with Kelly Scudder, after Gene’s passing)
Gene was a phenomenal trainer and friend. He taught Wasatch Hundesport a massive amount about training and trialing, in all phases… but especially tracking. Gene passed away in 2016 and his dog, Yasso, was taken in by the club. We will miss Gene greatly, and hope he will rest in peace, knowing that his boy is being well cared for. Thank you, Gene, for everything you did for Yasso and the other dogs of our club.

Our Club Board Members:

Jamie Bueno (President, Club Helper/Trainer) – K9 Fang and Rikku, German Shepherd Dogs

Susan Bueno (Director at Large) – K9s Fang and Rikku, German Shepherd Dogs

Kelly Scudder (Secretary/Treasurer, Club Trainer/Helper) – K9s Yasso, Kodi, and Eros, German Shepherd Dogs

Laura Jensen (Event Coordinator, Club Photographer) – K9s Wakan, Zuko, Ember, Banshee, and Cleo, German Shepherd Dogs

Our Senior Members:

Ricky Arguelles – K9 Balut, German Shepherd Dog

George Diumenti and Cheryl Diumenti – K9s Gunner and Nika, Doberman Pinschers

Tyler Neal and Bre Vagstad – K9 Zoey, German Shepherd Dog

Laura and Kent Jensen – K9s Wakan, Zuko, Ember, Banshee, and Cleo, German Shepherd Dogs

Mark Wilson and Lisa Cheney – K9 Cypress, German Shepherd Dog

Our Junior (1st – 2nd year) Members:

Celes Bueno (club helper in training) – K9s Fang and Rikku, German Shepherd Dogs

Edson Dominguez – K9 Mikah, German Shepherd Dog

Sarah Lamping (club helper) – K9 Ares, German Shepherd Dog

Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Torrejon – K9 Mallory, AMBOR

Ron Reck and Wanda Reck – K9 Ghengis, German Shepherd Dog

Ubaldo Rubio – K9 Hades, Rottweiler

Our Honorary Members (those who are now out-of-state or elsewhere, but are always welcome to train with us!):

Courtney Armandt – K9 Buster, Dutch Shepherd

Alicia Estrada – K9s Abu and Amir, Rottweilers

Jennifer Overby – K9s Winchester, Rottweiler, and LadyBird, Labrador mix

Angela and Michael Scudder – K9s Paikea and Colorado, German Shepherd Dogs

Daniel and April Creed Vernatter – K9 Boris, German Shepherd Dog