1-31-15 Training cancellation

FYI: Unfortunately, due to circumstances only just discovered at 2am last night, we are going to have to cancel training for tomorrow, 1-30-15.  We apologize for the late notice, but, as stated, the reasoning for thus was only just found.

Congrats to our new CGC title holders!

Congratulations to the Wasatch Hundesport teams who earned their Canine Good Citizen titles today! Several other teams also are planning to test in the near future, so we wish them lots of luck, as well!

The CGC test is one that helps prove that a dog is obedient, confident, and mannerly in a variety of situations, with people, other dogs, and various distractions present. Wasatch Hundesport is happy to employ the CGC certification/title to further show how a good working/sport dog is a valuable member of society, stable and trustworthy within both private and public settings.

Kayla and Anubis
Lindsey and Azara
Lindsey and Cannon
Jill and Cash
Len and Hunter
Kel and Jack Tar
Tyler and Kodiak
Shane and Kona
Jaclyn and Sophie

Great job, everyone!


Welcome, Schutzhund Hawaii, our new sister club!

Wasatch Hundesport would like to thank and welcome Schutzhund Hawaii as our new sister club!  When several people within our club attended DogStock in California (both in 2012 and 2013), we were fortunate to have met and befriended several members of Schutzhund Hawaii.  As both clubs seem to have a common vision, shared aims and methods, we felt it would be mutually beneficial to partner together, so each club can help the other grow.  We at Wasatch Hundesport very much look forward to working with Schutzhund Hawaii to support and better our shared sport, and we wish them all the best of luck with their goals.  🙂  Thank you, Schutzhund Hawaii, for all your kind words, support, and the friendship we have formed.  We are excited to see what successes the future certainly has in store for both our clubs.

Be sure to check out Schutzhund Hawaii on Facebook!