Membership/How to Join

FYI: Our club is currently closed to new teams. However, please contact us if you would like to be placed on a waiting list, to be contacted if/when a spot becomes available.

If you are interested in joining our club, here is a breakdown of what is required (please review this information prior to submitting a membership form, which can be found HERE).  If you have any questions, please Contact Us and we will respond as soon as possible.  🙂

1. Our membership year runs from April 1st-March31st.  This means that returning members must submit renewals by March 31st of each year, in order to be immediately active for the following calendar year.  New members are welcome to join at any time throughout the year, provided the requirements for such are met and maintained.

2. Maintaining membership in our club requires regular attendance of at least twice monthly, with a strong preference for more.  Schutzhund is a sport that requires routine, consistent practice.  A dog cannot be successful in the sport by only training sporadically.  It is Wasatch Hundesport’s desire that all the dogs in our club be able to showcase their skills at the highest level and we cannot help teams reach that goal if they do not commit themselves to attending training regularly.

3. Our training meets generally last five – nine hours on Saturdays and three – four hours on weekdays.  We are not a “group training class” where teams only come out for an hour or two.  As a sport training club, we are committed to mutual support between teams through assisting, in whatever way you can, with the progress of your club mates.  Additionally, we firmly believe that it is extremely beneficial to watch other teams work in order to improve your own skills.  Such things cannot be accomplished by quickly coming and going on training dates.  Also, we always try to encourage a good sense of camaraderie in our club by interacting throughout training, helping others and learning together.  At the same time, we understand that people have other obligations and sometimes may need to show up late or leave early.  Doing such, when needed, is fine.  We only ask that you inform our trainers if you must do so, so that we may plan ahead and get your dog worked during the time-frame you have available that day. However, if you are looking for a training venue with shorter hours, or in which you can constantly show up late and always leave shortly after your own dog is done, our club is not going to be a good fit for you.

4. We currently alternate our training field for Saturdays between Roy and Midvale.  We highly encourage members to attend both locations as regularly as possible.  If members are unable to ever attend one location or the other, please address this with our Board in order to discuss possible solutions.  Please understand that we alternate training locations in an attempt to make it fair for all those involved.  Our members come from a variety of areas and it is unfair for a member to insist on driving to only one location (due to closer proximity or the like) while other members make a routine effort to attend both locations whenever possible.

5. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama.  If a member (full or probationary) is found to be disruptive, disorderly, or disrespectful of the club (dogs or people), that member may have a verbal or written warning issued to them, may suffer a suspension from training, or may be dismissed entirely from the club.  Penalties shall match the offense committed, as determined by the Club’s Board and/or general membership. If a member is suspended or dismissed due to misconduct, there shall be no refund of dues or other club expenses paid by said member.

6. We are a very safety oriented club. If a member (full or probationary) is ever found to be training in a way that is determined to be unsafe to the teams (human and canine) involved or those around them, penalties may range from a warning to dismissal from the club, depending on the severity of the offense and if the behavior continues. If a member is suspended or dismissed due to misconduct, there shall be no refund of dues or other club expenses paid by said member.

7. All potential new members must first attend a minimum of two training meets, without your dog, to meet the current club members, learn about our club and its setup, and become familiar with the regular schedule/flow of our training and the expectations we have for members while there. These first meets that you attend, without your dog, are free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Saturday training meets generally last five or more hours each. So, please plan your day accordingly.

8a. After attending at least two meets without your dog, potential members may begin to bring their dog with them to training. Attendees should expect to have their dog’s drives and general training level assessed and some basic, introductory work done. The first five meets you attend with your dog are twenty dollars each ($20.00 per meet). This fee must be paid before you leave training THAT DAY. Additional dogs you bring to training for your first five meets are an additional five dollars ($5.00) per dog, per day. These first five meets attended with your dog are considered to be your probationary period as a potential new member.

8b. When you attend your first training meet, with your dog(s), an evaluation of your dog(s) will be completed, in order to better know their training level, personality/temperament, and what methods and rate would be best to employ in proceeding with their training.  In this, please understand that we are very willing to work with a huge variety of dogs.  Your dog need not be purebred, have any prior training/socialization, or even be of the best behavior.  Training is a long journey, and that journey sometimes starts slowly.  We will not turn away a team due to dog behavioral issues, breed, nor age, so long as the owner/handler is committed to working towards positive progress with the dog and getting past any issues present with the help of our trainers.  Please understand, however, that our focus, as a club, is on sport work.  Thus, we are not a “behavior modification group class” or the like.  If your dog has behavioral issues that we feel are too severe to be addressed during our club’s training time, or it is found that Schutzhund is not going to be the best fitting sport for your dog, we ask that you please instead contact a local private behaviorist/trainer to work with you and your dog towards becoming a well adjusted pet or to pursue other sports (some of our members do participate in other sports, as well, and may be able to help you with such pursuits).

9. After the first five meets with your dog, potential members are given the option to join the club and become a full member. To attain full membership, you must first be voted in by the current members. This vote will occur at the conclusion of your fifth training meet and probationary members wishing to gain full membership will be notified before their sixth meet if they have been voted into the club.
– If the probationary member is not voted into the club at that time, they may be allowed to still attend training meets on a per meet basis, at the discretion of the club.
– If the probationary member commits an offense against the club during their probationary period, an extended period of probation may be required, at the discretion of the club (instead of, or in addition to, other potential penalties).

10. Full (first year) members are required to pay three-hundred dollars ($300.00) total for the year’s membership dues (NOTE: the $100.00 already paid for the first five meets counts towards this, which means it is an additional $200.00 that is due after the first five meets). Any additional dogs (beyond the first one) you wish to train with the club require an additional one-hundred dollars ($100.00) to be paid per dog, per year (for example, two dogs would total $400.00, four dogs would total $600.00). Again, any dues already paid during your first five meets counts towards your total owed for the year.

11. Members joining late in the year (our membership year begins April 1st) may have their dues pro-rated/discounted. All potential discounts to dues are at the discretion of the club Board and will be discussed and determined on an individual basis, based upon your joining date.

12. Recurring membership, for members starting their second-fourth years with the club, is two-hundred dollars ($200.00) per year, for your first dog, and one-hundred dollars ($100.00) more for each additional dog. These dues are due by the last day of March, each year.

13. Recurring membership, for members starting their fifth year and up with the club, is one-hundred dollars ($100.00) per year, for your first dog, and and one-hundred dollars ($100.00) more for each additional dog. These dues are due by the last day of March, each year.

14. If, at any time, members are dismissed from the club for disorderly, abusive, unsafe, or otherwise unacceptable behavior, all dues paid are completely non-refundable. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

15. If extenuating circumstances exist that require a member in good standing with the club to discontinue training, dues may be refunded for training time that will no longer be used. Members must be in good standing with the club for any potential refunds to occur. Any and all refunds are at the sole discretion of, and will be decided by, the club Board.

16. Payments made by members to Wasatch Hundesport may be made via cash or check (personal, cashier’s, or money order).

17. To reiterate, membership/training dues are as follows:
– $300 for one dog, for your first year of membership (with the first $100 paid during the first five meets attended, at a rate of $20 per meet; and the remaining $200 to be paid on the sixth meet attended).
– $200 for one dog, for your second – fourth years of membership.
– $100 for one dog, for your fifth year and over of membership.
– $100 additional, per dog(s) beyond one, per year.

If you are interested in joining our club, please fill out a membership form and submit it to our Club Secretary by your fifth training meet.  Any payments should also be made to our Club Secretary/Treasurer.  If the Sec/Treas is unavailable at a meet, please submit forms and payments to another of our Board members.  A downloadable copy of our membership form can be found HERE.